Monday, August 24, 2009

Review: Bath Luve

I have seen the Bath Luve advertised on a number of blog giveaways, but always thought it was a silly, unnecessary baby item. And then I won one over at this blog. Tonight I finally put the product to the test, during Vivian's first real bath! We've been doing a sort of modified sponge bath/dunking in a small tub for her, since we didn't buy an infant bathtub. Today I decided to put my newly purchased toddler tub and Bath Luve to the test.

I got the bathtub full of warm water and wetted the Bath Luve and then put Vivian in the tub... and it was instant happiness. SERIOUS happiness. She actually laughed for the first time!!! I tried to tape her laughing, but she tends to stare at the video camera instead of behaving, so it didn't work. But I did get some photos of her happiness.

I think this is a great product- babies love being warm and in the water, and this helps them enjoy their time in the bath even more. The bath luve comes in a cute frog, duck or fish design. Go check out their site!


Ashley said...

I'm so glad you love it, so do I! Doesn't it just look so cute on the little babies?