Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review: My new love, my Becky Oh purse

Don't hesitate to join in to giveaways with hundreds of entrants, someone has to win, and it might as well be you! Case in point, last month I signed up for a giveaway over at Fabulous Fun Finds. This giveaway had 500+ entrants, since the prize was a custom purse from Becky Oh. And I won!!!

I won this purse- isn't it gorgeous! I am a HUGE purse person, but lately have been carrying diaper bags all the time, so haven't done much purse shopping. So I was SO excited to win this prize.

Even my husband, a typical guy, commented on how pretty the purse is. I went out alone tonight (to the grocery store!) and was carrying my new purse and smiled every time I saw it. Isn't it amazing how something so small can make you so happy? Go check out Becky Oh's site if you're in the market for a fun new purse!


Lindsey said...

You won that? LUCKY! :-) That's such a cute purse!