Sunday, August 23, 2009

Review: Skinies Nursing Tank

Since some of you are new to my blog, you might not all know that I am the mom of a 2-year-old son, Ethan, and a 2 1/2-month-old daughter, Vivian. Go here to read more about us! I am been blessed to have a fairly easy time with breast-feeding, and was able to nurse Ethan until he decided he preferred bottles at about 9 months of age. So far things are going well with Vivian too, so I plan to continue breastfeeding her until she's about a year of age.

The only challenge that I've had with feeding both kids is that I am fairly well endowed and also fairly modest (disclaimer, yes, I know it's natural and that I'm feeding my baby and should be able to do it wherever, but I personally am not comfortable with that). So, nursing in public is something that I've never felt I could do easily. Ethan refused to have a nursing cover over him, so when I was feeding him I was always having to look for a separate room or run to the car.

Fortunately, Vivian is more tolerant of the cover, so I've had a bit more freedom with her. But I've still had the problem that I'm too cheap to buy real nursing tops, so am wearing my regular shirts, and when I'm feeding and pull up my shirt, my entire back is exposed to anyone behind me. And with all my post-pregnancy lumps and bumps.... that's just not a pretty sight.

So I was THRILLED! to win a Skinies Nursing Cami over at The Life of a College Stay-At-Home Mom. This funky-looking shirt is worn under the clothes and turns anything into a nursing top. Now, when I need to feed Vivian, I just reach under my shirt through the openings on this cami and pull down the flaps on my nursing bra and my back and side are still covered. People passing by are protected from the sight of my stretch marks and I'm covered and Vivian is fed and all are happy.

The other thing I love about this cami is that it also serve the purpose of a regular camisole, making my regular shirts a little more modest (which I need with breastfeeding breasts, they're always trying to pop out of my shirts) and the cami is fairly tight, so serves as shapewear for my problem areas as well. I've had two pregnancies in two years, with both ending in c-section, so my mid-section is a bit of a mess and shapewear is a great thing to have!

And I really love the product insert that comes in the package for this cami. The people at Skinies suggest other uses for the cami, one of which is "take it to your plastic surgeon and show him where your breasts used to be!" Cracked me up :)