Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do you know about Plan Toys?

Whenever I visit a toy store (which is way more often that I should, given the number of toys that my kids already own!) I am irresistibly drawn to one particular section of the store. This is true no matter what toy store I'm in- I always gravitate towards the section with all the cool wooden toys. They just seem so wholesome and fun- I can't resist going over and looking at them and dreaming of owning them all!

These wonderful wooden toys? They're made by PlanToys, a company that has decided to make it its goal to prove that a company can make toys that are fun and educational, while also sticking to a path of environmental and social responsibility. All the toys are made from rubberwood from non-latex-producing rubber trees. They also use a glue that is called E-zero glue in place of traditional glue. The toys are dyed with water-based, non-toxic colors and printed with soy or water-based ink. Considering how often my kids end up chewing on their toys, I'm glad to know that PlanToys is so committed to standards meant to protect children. PlanToys is also committed to green manufacturing, so the toys are safer for the environment as well.

Just a few of the great toys from PlanToys (top to bottom) the crane, the Terrace Dollhouse, and the caterpillar)

All the safety issues aside, PlanToys are just darned cute and make me want to be a kid again. They have a huge assortment of toys, there's something for every interest, age and developmental category. And PlanToys are great for development and education- I know I always feel better when I think my kids are learning while they play.

PlanToys is on Facebook! Go become a fan! And go browse their catalog to see all the great toys they have available. You can search the toys by category, age or child development level to find something that's perfect for the kid in your life.

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Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

I adore wooden toys too! Fortunately, there are more manufacturers around these days that are taking our kids and the environment into consideration :)

Nicole Feliciano said...

I adore plan! I try to avoid plastic toys so this brand is a staple around here.