Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holiday gift ideas!

I know- it seems like summer was just yesterday and it's hard to believe the holidays are about to be upon us, but it's true! When I was shopping the other day, one store was already playing Christmas music! That's a little much for me, but, it is a good time to start gathering ideas for Christmas gifts for your little ones. As I come across things that I think are great ideas, I'm going to share them with you here.

Today's suggestion- Sorrisi Decor makes the most adorable pillows for kids. These pillows are ridiculously cute at first glance, but they hold a secret that makes them even better- a secret pocket! This pocket can be used for playing tooth fairy- holding the tooth at first and then the money that the tooth fairy leaves behind. If you have younger or older kids, who aren't currently being visited by the tooth fairy, this pocket would be perfect for hiding little gifts or notes from Mom and Dad. Pillows can be purchased with or without a child's name embroidered on them. Visit the site to see the full range of pillows offered- there's something for everyone.

Not only does this company have a cute and fun product, they have a wonderful mission. From their website (emphasis mine):

Sorrisi D├ęcor has partnered with Medical Teams International, a Christian global health organization, to identify the regions with the greatest degree of need with the fewest resources, and we will be giving a full 50% of the Sorrisi profits to seeing teams of dental professionals sent to these areas to address their current most desperate needs. The current areas of focus are:
Liberia – After 14 years of intermittent civil war lasting until 2003, this country is slowly recovering from widespread human suffering. Basic services have been totally disrupted and health services severely damaged. With 3.5 million people, there are 3 licensed dentists, leaving many people to suffer and sometimes die from avoidable dental abscesses and extreme infections. The mission? Visiting teams will establish a circuit of 6-8 dental clinics in the outlying areas to provide extractions, fillings and cleanings, along with oral hygiene instruction to all patients. A concentrated effort will be made to train at least one person in each community who can then continue with the dental education efforts once the team has gone.
Mali – Ranked among the poorest countries in the world, Mali's desperate poverty produces alarming health statistics. With Malians suffering from severe food shortages and famine, 1 out of every 4 children never reach his/her fifth birthday. With 84 dentists serving a population of over 12 million, access to dental care for most rural Malians is non-existent. The mission? To provide very poor, rural communities with dental care and preventive dental hygiene education to alleviate suffering and help reduce the related incidence of poor health.

So, to recap, this is a cute, fun, practical pillow that has a great mission behind it. Consider buying one of these pillows for your child or grandchild- your child will love you and you will be helping another mother somewhere else around the world. What could be better than that?

Pillows start at $49.95 and can be purchased on the Sorrisi Decor website.