Monday, September 14, 2009

Review: Busy Babe

I am a type A personality. Possibly a type A+ personality. Which means that having two small children is kind of stressful for me, since I like everything to be organized and orderly.  My personality was particularly tested in the first few months of my kids' lives, when chaos reigned supreme in our house.

Oh, how I wish I had known about the Busy Babe Daily Planner for Mom and Baby then.  Seriously, this would have made my life so much easier.  This fabulous organizer is designed to take the place of the monthly calendar, the to-do list(or lists) lying around your house, and the feeding charts keeping track of what baby is eating.

Busy Babe organizers come in two types, either customized with your baby's picture and birth info on the cover (with three choices for covers), or a standard 6-month planner. The customized planner not only has your baby's picture on it, but the pages for the six-month daily calendar inside are dated. Which, if you've ever had a baby, you will know is so useful, because it's so easy to lose track of what day it is when you're a new mom!

Thanks to my involvement with the Product Review Place, I had the chance to review the standard 6-month planner and was totally excited by it.  The planner is spiral bound, which makes it really easy to write in, even while balancing the planner on one side while feeding the baby with the other.  I love lists and organizers and all things organization, and this had it all. The front has a section for important contacts, where you can write down that ultra-important pediatrician (and lots of other) phone numbers so that they're close at hand during those 1 AM worry sessions.  After that, there are separate sections for months 1-6.  Each of these has great sections for a to do list (including a section for prioritizing! the to-do list! Seriously! I love it!!!), appointments, dinner ideas, feeding tracker, sleep tracker and pattern (diaper, behavior, etc.) tracker.  Also, the pages have a section for "today's buzz" which is great for making notes on what cute things the baby did that day. I've had two kids in two years, and I can tell you that you SO quickly forget all the little things and when exactly they happened, so having a place to jot them down is great!

The pages introducing each month also have great info including a place to record baby gifts, ideas for packing for baby, packing for mom, starting solids, losing that baby weight!, and childproofing the home. Great info to have at hand.

There is also a section on baby's health, including pages to tear out and take with you to doctors' appointments, so you can remember all those questions that you mean to ask the doctor but forget when you're actually in the office. Other sections include a place for you to leave information for babysitters and to record notes and ideas for mommy time!

The customized planner sells for $29.95 and the standard 6-month planner sells for just $19.95. This is a great price to stay this organized. This planner is now on my list of great ideas for baby shower presents- go check it out for yourself!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review, but all opinions presented here are mine and mine alone.