Monday, September 28, 2009

Review: Habitwise

Pop quiz- What's the common theme of pretty much every diet in existence, and one of the most common suugestions for healthier living? Anyone?  That's right- drinking your daily USDA suggested intake of water.  It's such a simple concept, but so hard to follow through on. Life is busy, and who has time to keep track of how many glasses of water they drink! Add busyness plus forgetfulness, and you get a woman who doesn't always get her 12 8-ounce servings of water in each day!

So I was pleased when I was sent a fun product that helps with this problem- Habitwise's Get Wet for Women.

This is such a simple idea, but so brilliant at the same time! The kit comes with 16 bracelets. Every day you put on your chosen number of the pretty blue bracelets, with each one representing an 8-ounce serving of water.  As you drink a serving of water, just move the bracelet to the other arm or take it off completely- your reminder to keep drinking is always right there in plain sight!  The kit also contains a small booklet with information on water consumption and recommended daily intakes of water.

I like that the bracelets are 1) pretty- I need pretty accessories, 2) a great reminder that's right there for me to see, and 3) not at all bulky. I'm holding a baby or a toddler or both all day, and I can't have jewelry getting in my way. These bracelets didn't interfere with anything I needed to do and looked really nice with my outfits. I liked using these bracelets- it was nice to have the reminder to keep drinking my water- especially since I'm a nursing mom and need to be sure to get that water in for my sake and my daughter's sake!

Habitwise also has other great kits for weight loss for women and tracking physical activity/eating for kids. They also have weight loss/water consumption kits for men, with small tokens to be used in place of bracelets. 

So, if you need to be reminded of your water intake each day, or if you want to get on track with healthier eating habits, go check the Habitwise kits out!

Disclaimer: I was sent this set so that I could write this review from personal experience.  I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions presented here are mine and mine alone.