Monday, September 28, 2009

Review: Sprout Baby Food

When my son was born, I, like every other mom I know, had every intention of making all of my son's food. Then he actually got to the age for eating solid food and reality set in. It just simply did not work for us. My son was a horribly picky eater, and would completely reject foods that I made, leaving me to try to find space in my small freezer for storing all the rejected food for reintroduction later.  Also, there were the small matters that I am a terrible cook, and was also a working mom with too much on my to-do list.

I eventually just accepted that making my own baby food was not a good option for my son and I, and I started buying baby food at the stores. There are several good lines out there that I really liked, but they do tend to be fairly expensive and the stores that I shopped at didn't always carry a wide variety of organic baby foods.

I wish that Sprout Foods Organic Baby Food had been around several years ago- maybe my son would be a better eater now if he hadn't been traumatized by my poor efforts at making his food! Sprout Foods Organic Baby Food was co-founded  by executive chef Tyler Florence. With that kind of background, you know it's going to be good!

Thanks to my involvement at the Product Review Place, I was sent six pouches of the organic baby food to review. First off, I really like that the food came in pouches instead of jars or boxes, according to the Sprout Baby website, this means less fossil fuel use in manufacture and transport than traditional glass jars, and the pouches take up less space in the garbage when you throw them out. The pouches are resealable, and I found them very easy to serve food from.

We received foods in the following flavors: roasted bananas; sweet peas; baked sweet potato (all from the stage 1 foods); baked sweet potatoes and white beans; peach rice pudding; and summer squash, yukon gold potatoes and parmesan (from the stage 2). My baby daughter is not eating food yet (despite her attempts at telepathic messages begging for solid food), so I tested these out on my picky eater toddler.

Ethan needed some warming up to the summer squash, yukon gold potatoes and parmesan, but he tends to take his time liking anything, and once he'd had a few bites he was convinced. The peach rice pudding was a hit right off, he couldn't shovel it in his mouth fast enough, so he made me feed it to him instead! I can't wait to serve the stage 1 foods to Vivian next month- I think she'll love them!

So, we're converts to the Sprout Foods Organic Baby Food line in our house now- I'm going to stock up before Vivian starts eating solids next month! Now, how to get Tyler Florence to make food for me...You can buy Sprout Foods Organic Baby Food online at this site, or at HEB or Publix stores (with more stores coming soon). The prices are very reasonable, with a 12-pack of stage 1 or stage 2 foods only costing $16.65, which is very comparable if not cheaper than many other organic baby foods. You can buy either an assorted 12-pack, or 12 pouches of one particular food.  Sprout Baby, where the food can be purchased, also has some great-looking mom and baby care items.

Go check it out!

Disclaimer: I was sent samples of this baby food so that I could write this review from personal experience.  I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions presented here are mine and mine alone.