Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just so we're all on the same page

Well, it looks like this blog might be sticking around for a while-thanks to all you who have become readers and commenters and followers!  So, that means it's time for me to clarify my review policies and what I hope to accomplish here.

1.  If you would like me to review a product, please just send me an email (adorablyconfused at hotmail dot com) and we can discuss the details.
2.  I am not able to return products that have been reviewed.  In order to truly review something, we have to use it- and in a house with two small kids, that means things are tested hard! Also, I don't have a car, so getting to the post office is pretty close to impossible.
3. Some of the products that I review here are ones I purchased and some are ones I am sent by the company. I will try to be as transparent about which category things fall into as I possibly can.
4.  Regardless of how I obtain a product, I will express opinions here that are mine and mine alone and will be honest with my readers. I'm not one who believes in lying or hiding the truth in any area of my life. I believe the phrase "brutally honest" would come to mind if you asked those close to me. :)  I will not allow the opinions I post to be dictated by anyone- with the possible exception being that if any of my family members disagree with my opinion of an item, I will be sure to let you know that!
5.  If I do compensated reviews, I will make that clear in the review post- as early in the post as possible.
6.   I will try to get products for giveaways as often as possible, so I can pass on the things I like to you who are loyally reading!
7. If you are a small, start-up company and cannot afford to send me something to review, but really need help, drop me a line. (adorablyconfused at hotmail dot com) I'm a sucker for a good story and am a big fan of helping out new companies, particularly those companies started by moms or companies located here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

So that's all. Hope you're all having a good Thursday!