Saturday, October 24, 2009

Review and gift guide: Personalized CD from

We recently received a (belated) birthday present from a friend for our 2-year-old son, Ethan.  It's called "Jesus Loves You" and is a personalized CD from the site  We got the CD home, popped it into Ethan's CD player and turned it on. And then we laughed at Ethan's confusion when he realized the CD was talking to him!

I really like this CD. The songs on it are fun and peppy and not at all annoying (as we all know kids CDs can be!).  Ethan loves the fact that the CD talks to him and says his name.  I've never seen him pay so much attention to his music before. He likes to listen and then dance along to the songs with his stuffed animals. Sorry for no video of that- he's instituted a ban on video taking of himself lately :)  You can go here to test a sample of songs on the CDs with your kid's name.

The website has a huge selection of options for personalized CDs and books. Available CDs include: Disney Princess Tea Party; Sing Along with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy; Silly Songs with VeggieTales; and Fun Time Bible Stories, to name just a few. Many of these are available with a free dedication right on the CD label. The one we got from our friends has a happy birthday message to Ethan, with our friends' names. That way we always remember who got us this great gift!

Also available on the site is a huge assortment of books. There's really something here for everyone. Another great gift idea for the holidays!