Friday, October 2, 2009


In general, I'm  not a huge fan of t-shirts with messages written on them, either for myself or for my kids. But some shirts have messages that are just too cute or too true to pass up.

I first came across several years ago, and have slowly been accumulating more and more of the products from the site.  Baby Brewing has great shirts in several categories, including shirts for pregnant women (with sayings like "Pat the belly, I dare you."), moms, babies and kids, dads and bloggers.  There's also a line of travel mugs and bags.

My first purchase from the site was one of the t-shirts from the "Mommy needs" line- in my case I bought the one I related to most- Mommy Needs a Glass of Wine! I love this shirt- it's a nice, thick shirt that's cute and flattering at the same time. The message is written in a pretty font and a nice color. I always smile when I'm wearing this shirt. I wore it once to a gathering of mom friends and was swarmed by other moms asking me where I got it!

Me and my shirt- Christmas 2007 (I told you I've loved this site forever!)

I've also purchased a travel mug for myself.  My travel mug says "Bartend- I mean Barista" and is a totally cute pink color. I used to love carrying this when I was catching the 6 AM bus to work. Everyone around me had their boring brown and black travel mugs, and mine was such a happy pink color!

Most recently I bought shirts for my kids. For Ethan I bought a shirt that says "I'll just wait until you're not looking." If you have a kid, you know how totally true that is! And I got Vivian a shirt that says "I'm better than a puppy" since we joked that Ethan was upset when we told him he was getting a sister and not a dog. At some point I'm going to have to get my kids the shirts from this site that say "My mom is blogging this." Bloggy moms, you know you need that shirt!

Ethan and his shirt (July 2009)

The cuteness!!! 

The kids shirts are as high quality as my shirt. I've washed them more times than I can count, and the color and printing stays nice and bright. These are not cheaply thrown together shirts, but high quality ones that you and your kids will be able to keep wearing and loving for a long time. 

There are a bunch of other cute shirts with great sayings on this site, go check it out!


Lizzie said...

Oh, my, those are adorable. And funny because they're true....