Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review: Cymbaline's Designs

I enter a lot of giveaways on other blogs, and while I'm always very interested in the prizes, sometimes there are things that so catch my attention that I can't help but go ahead and buy the product being offered. Last week I ran across one of those.

The site with the object in question was another Etsy store (my husband is totally going to block Etsy on my computer if I don't stop shopping there soon!).  The store is called Cymbaline's Designs, and it has the most beautiful jewelry you've ever seen. I was browsing through this site, and as soon as I saw the Moonlit Posy necklace (only $15.50!), I knew I had to have it.

Seriously, isn't that the prettiest, most feminine thing you've ever seen? LOVE IT!

My necklace arrived really quickly after I ordered it. It was packaged in a pretty box wrapped in tissue paper with a ribbon tied around it. Ready for gift giving, if you're buying it for someone else! I immediately ripped open the package and put the necklace on. I love the size and the weight of it- it feels like a much more expensive piece of jewelry. I wore it out on my date night with my husband last night and it made my simple outfit look so pretty and feminine.

There are a lot of other beautiful necklaces on the site. I love blue, so was also very tempted by the blue version of the necklace I bought. And there are some other gorgeous pieces on her site, not just necklaces, but also some pretty earrings. Her jewelry ranges from the ultra-feminine pieces to those that are a little more bold and trendy.  All totally gorgeous though and all really reasonably priced, ranging from $7 to $18.  Great prices for such pretty jewelry.

The bluebell lariat necklace.

Go check her Etsy store out! Unless you're trying to save money, then don't go there- you wont be able to get out without buying something pretty!