Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review: Enfant Pediatric VEP Vision Testing System

We love our family doctor- she does a fabulous job of taking care of all four of the members of our family and is always asking questions and following up on things to make sure our family is staying healthy and well. But, despite her best efforts, our visits to her are fairly brief and always chaotic, as we try to make two kids behave and get all our questions answered at the same time.  And while she tries to notice everything she can, the truth is that she relies on my husband and I to report as much information as we can about our kids' health and development.

I was recently told about a free online tool for helping parents be aware of potential issues that may arise with their kids' vision.  This is a free tool for parents to use- it consists of a short series of multiple choice questions about things like squinting, eye rubbing, or trouble focusing on an object, among others.  It was developed to help identify any areas of potential concern- things that we as parents might not even realize are potential warning signs of a problem.  The quiz is not a diagnostic tool- it won't tell you if something is wrong with your kid and certainly wont diagnose your child with any particular disease, but it will flag those issues that you as a parent need to mention to your doctor so that the doctor has the information he or she needs to best help your child. 

I took the quiz to check on my 2-year-old's habits, and was told that he seems to be generally normal (in the vision area, at least...) Go take the quiz for your kids!