Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review: Fresh Deals

(This is a compensated review, but all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone)

There are two things in very short supply in my life right now- spare time and spare money. Anyone else? Show of hands? Yeah, I thought so. Well, this week I learned about a new website that aims to help us out with both of those problems. The website is called Fresh Deals, and it's a combination price-comparison, special deals from websites, question and answer about products website.

I tested out the website with a couple of searches for things we are getting ready to purchase, or have recently purchased in my family. The first thing that I went to look at was toddler beds- since we're getting ready to move Ethan up to a big boy bed.  It took me a few minutes to get the hang of searching the site- there are lots of options and lots of text on every page, so it takes a little while to find what you're looking for. But once I got the hang of things, it was easy to narrow down the options to what we were interested in, searching by age range, furniture type, and price range.  Once you get the results you can organize them by popularity or by price or by product rating. Then the list of results will be displayed, with a picture of the item. When you click on the item, if it is available at more than one site, you will see a list of websites that sell the item, along with the website's ranking of the item and the current price.

I also performed a search for convertible car seats, and was more impressed with the findings for this search. Many of the toddler beds listed were only sold on one website, and I never did find the bed that we just bought.  But for the convertible carseats, I got great results, particularly when it comes to price comparison. One of the carseats that I like best came up on my Fresh Deals search results page, and I was shocked to see that the price for this carseat ranges more than $150, depending on what site I decide to buy it from! I'm a big fan of saving money, so this is really good to know. Saves me time and means I don't have to do all the searching online myself for the lowest price- it's all organized here for me!

The other cool feature about Fresh Deals is that the site incorporates a question and answer section into the search. You can either post questions about a particular object that you're looking at, or you can post a more general question. For example, I could have posted a question on the carseat that I'm considering buying, asking if anyone has input on it, or I could also post a general question, asking for suggestions on the type of carseat that people like. One person posted a question asking what the appeal of Crocs shoes is :)  You can also give a "thumbs up" on an item- so if it's something you like, others can know that it's a good product. 

In addition to the price comparison and the question and answer section, Fresh Deals has a section with a big list of online coupons and promo codes. More money saving options!

Fresh Deals has info on pretty much anything you would want to buy online, clothing, shoes, beauty products, electronics, kids gear... you name it, it's on there. As I mentioned originally, the site has a lot of information on each page, including search options, online deals, popular searches, my recently viewed items and paid advertising.  If you're easily distracted, like I am, it's a little hard to quickly find the most relevant information. But, despite that, I still think this site is really great for its quick price comparisons and links to the sites with the cheapest price for an item, and for the ability to post questions and get input from other consumers on items that I'm interested in. I will definitely use this site in the future, especially for any big ticket items that we purchase.