Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Review: Senseo coffee maker

This is going to be my first bad review :(  I'm on my second Senseo coffee maker- fortunately I have not personally paid for either of them, or else I would be way more annoyed.  My first Senseo coffee maker was a gift from a friend, back in the early days of the single serve coffee makers.  I liked the convenience of just filling up the water tank, popping in a coffee pod and pressing a button- and voila,  my cup of coffee was ready!  Unfortunately, it leaked a little, but I figured I could live with that, since I tended to drink coffee at work and didn't use my personal coffee maker every day.

I got a newer version of this coffee maker for our wedding.  And this coffee maker also leaked, even worse than the old one that I had already gotten rid of.  You know it's bad when something leaks from the first day you take it out of the box. Again, since it was a gift (and I'm too cheap to replace something that I got as a present!), I figured I could live with it and just kept it sitting on top of a towel on the counter, which I would change out every few days.  The leaking got to be more annoying when I was staying at home and drinking all of my coffee here and using the machine more- now it seems like my counter near the coffee maker is always wet.

I had to call the customer service people about a possible recall a few weeks ago, and I mentioned this leaking issue. They said that I needed to be sure to clean it. I informed them that I do the descaling and that it has been leaking since the first day I used it. The helpful response was "huh. That's weird." 

The other thing, and for me this is more major, is that the options for coffee pods for this maker are extremely limited and are extremely expensive.  And honestly, the coffee in the pods is not very good. A few months ago I broke down and bought some refillable pods on Amazon, so that I can use my own coffee. This has solved the problem of the coffee itself, but now I have to deal with coffee grounds and all that mess, and the reusable pods don't quite fit (they are not made by Senseo), so the leaking is now even worse. 

So, even though this may seem like a more affordable option for a personal coffee maker than something like the Keurig, I would think carefully about investing money in a Senseo. Between the leaking and the limited and expensive coffee options, your money would be better spent somewhere else.


Lizzie said...

This review is pretty refreshing. I lust after a Keurig, and it's nice to know that I might as well save up for one than go for the cheaper option...