Saturday, October 31, 2009

Strider Bikes- a great idea!

After seeing Strider Running Bikes mentioned on a bunch of other blogs, and hearing rave reviews from other bloggers, I contacted Strider to see if they would let Ethan test one out. He's been very interested in being mobile, but he's too short to reach the pedals on the tricycle I bought him, so that wasn't working out.

From what I had read, I loved the idea behind this bike- it's a bicycle without pedals, so your kid starts out by walking it, and learns balance and coordination, without pedals getting in the way.  According to their website, you don't need training wheels or a tricycle, and if kids learn the balance and coordination on this pedalless bike, they'll be able to easily transition to a regular bicycle and be on their way!  There's a full discussion of the advantages of the Strider here.

The nice people at Strider sent us the coolest orange bike and we excitedly got it out of the box and did the simple assembly (it even came with the wrench we needed!).  And Daniel and I were so excited that we accidentally let on to Ethan that we wanted him to try it out... which has, to date, been the nail in the coffin of Ethan ever being willing to go any further than touching the bike, no matter what we try, since us suggesting things makes it terribly horrifying to Ethan. I also made the mistake of acting interested in his Halloween costume and am now totally without anything for him to wear tomorrow, since he now refuses his costume. The bike has been hanging out in our condo since we put it together, where everyone else that comes over comments on how cool of a bike it is! Too bad none of them are young enough to try it out for me!

I still think this is a great idea and would be willing to bet that it would be a great introduction to bicycles for 99.99% of the kids out there.  We are now leaving the bike propped up against the wall in our condo, totally ignoring it in the hopes that Ethan will decide that Mom and Dad have lost interest and that it is safe for him to try it out. I will update you when that happens! 

Photos of the closest Ethan has gotten to the bike so far. Seriously, this kid could set a world record for stubborn. I'm going to just pretend like he got it from his daddy's side of the family...


So if your kid is not quite ready for a bicycle, consider a Strider Running Bike for them for this Christmas!