Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cute hair accessories at MJ Bowtique

I've learned a few things in my months as the mom of two kids. And one of those things that I've learned is that little girls are more expensive than little boys, because there is just SO MUCH cute stuff out there for them! People laugh at me at church when I show up with Vivian, because she is usually decked out head to foot in frills and bows and ruffles.  I tell them that you can spot a mom who had a boy first pretty easily, by how girly their girl babies are dressed.

This week I found yet another place to spend my money- MJ Bowtique.  Just look at these adorable hair clips! They're made by a mom- a mom to twin boys, no less.  As she says on her site, can you imagine what'll happen if she ever has a girl? She'll have the best hairstyles in town!

Don't they make you just want to dress up your little girl and go out to show her off?  They're so sweet!

And I really like the fabric flowers that she has available as well- she has a huge assortment of options. This one is my favorite.

I'm a sucker for ladybugs and flowers.  

Anyway, if you're looking for some cute hair accessories for the little girl in your life, take some time and visit MJ Bowtique. You'll be getting some cute things and supporting a mom. It's a win-win situation!