Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pikme Papers- the cutest paper products you will ever see!

I recently found out about a great website for paper products- Pikme Papers. I don't know about you guys, but no matter how easy it is to send an email and keep in contact with family on the phone and on internet videoconferencing, there's something still so special about getting a handwritten note from someone in the mail.  To me it says "I care enough about you to take extra time for you." 

Pikme Papers has a great assortment of things for you to drool over- notecards and tags, little notecards, stickers, notepads, photo cards, and much more.  The thing that I like best about Pikme Papers is that the items are all decorated with your choice of image. And the images are just the sweetest little drawings you will ever see. There's a big variety of options, so whatever type of image you're interested in having on your stationery, you'll probably find something that works well for you.

 Aren't those just the cutest notecards?

These are some of the stickers. I especially like the book stickers-perfect for the reader in your family!

Another of the image options- wouldn't those be so sweet on notecards for a little girl?

You can get Pikme Papers products at some stores- go to the website for the full list. Or just use the contact button on the website to talk to the Pikme people about placing an order.  Christmas is just around the corner, anything from this site would make a wonderful gift!