Monday, November 2, 2009

Review: Bear Portraits

"Bears can be simple, sometimes savage animals, but they have as much right to life on this planet as we do. They are magnificent creatures of immense power, emotion and beauty.  My images seek to capture the awe that they inspire."  Jill Greenberg 

Thanks to my involvement at the Product Review Place, I recently had the chance to review a beautiful new photography book- Bear Portraits by Jill Greenberg.  My toddler son is obsessed with all things that growl, so I knew we'd have a great time looking through this book at all the photographs of the bears. Some of the pictures have a quote or a saying about bears next to them, but the main focus of the book is on the amazing power and beauty of the animals.

The photographer included pictures of a baby bear- and they are incredibly cute pictures!- as well as photographs of Kodiak, black bears, a Russian brown bear, a grizzly and a polar bear. Jill Greenberg notes that she particularly wanted to include the polar bear in the book, since polar bears are not only beautiful, but rapidly disappearing in the wild.

The photos are all taken from what I can only imagine was a nerve-wracking close-up range. You truly feel like you are getting to see the animals face-to-face and look into the eyes of the animal.  In some of the pictures I could swear the bear was smiling at the photographer. You can't help but smile back.  This would be a wonderful book for any bear or animal lover in your life, and a great addition to any home library.

This book is available in stores now and online.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.