Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Review: Busy Body Book

Thanks to the nice RedPlum people whose party I attended last week, I received the Grape BusyBody Book for August 2009-August 2010.  I have been drooling over this planner for months- I keep seeing reviews on other blogs and my ultra-type-A personality just screams "pick me! I need a planner!".

I really like this planner. It's organized by week, with 5 columns for you to personalize. So, if the big scheduling challenge in your family is keeping track of everyone's daily schedules, then just make each column represent a person in your family. If you're like me, and 1/2 of your family are small, schedule-less people, then this planner can easily be adapted to a more individual purpose. For example, do you want to keep track of how many 100 calorie snack pack you've eaten that day? Make a column represent diet. Need to get yourself on track for exercise? Make one of the weekly columns represent your exercise regime. Whatever you need, this book can track it.

In addition to the pages with the weekly scheduling grid, this planner has another page entitled "to doodles". Some weeks this is blank, to leave you space to list whatever you need to do that week, on other weeks the planner has helpful tips like "vote this Tuesday" or "change the batteries in your smoke detector", depending on what date falls that week. I have always prided myself on keeping track of things, but now that I'm a mom of two small people, I'm lucky to know what year it is, much less what month it is and what I should be doing, so I love these reminders!

The only minor thing that I wish this book had was tear off corners for the week. I ended up just cutting off the corners for the pages up to the week where I started, and I will continue to do so from now on, so I can easily find the week that we're on.

The Busy Body Book is a sturdy one, with nice, thick plastic covers and pockets at the front and back of the book for whatever you need to store. Seriously, if you're trying to keep your family organized and have any hope of keeping track of everyone's schedules, then this book is what you need. It comes in an academic year version or a calendar year version, so whatever type of tracking you need, it's ready to go.

Right now you can get the August 2009-August 2010 planners for 25% off, or for $13.46. The 12-month planners for January 2010-December 2010 are currently selling for $17.95. A small price to pay for organization!