Friday, November 20, 2009

Review: Days Ago digital timers

Sigh. I really wanted to love this product. The Days Ago timer is a brilliant idea- a little timer that sticks on your food with a suction cup. You press a button to set the timer when you put it on your food, stick it on the jar/can/container with the handy suction lid, and then you will be able to quickly and easily tell exactly how long your food has been sitting in the fridge. I really was excited to see these, since I often have multiple jars of baby food in the fridge, and it's hard to keep track of when I opened them. The website also suggests that these would be good for keeping track of how old expressed milk is, which really is something I need to keep track of, so I was looking forward to using the timers for that as well!

So I opened my packet of timers, took out the battery protection plastic and uncovered the display, and pressed the button to set the first timer. I put it on my baby food jar, where it stuck with the suction cup, and I put it in the fridge. And when I opened the fridge a little later, the timer slid off the top of the jar. So I restuck it and put the whole thing in the fridge again... and when I opened the fridge a while later, the timer slid off the top again. I tried one more time, but this last time, I picked the jar up out of the fridge and the timer fell off the top and the suction cup broke off. I tried with the second timer, and this one not only didn't stick onto any surface that I tried it on,  but as soon as I pressed the button to set it, the timer display disappeared to never be seen again.

I'm really sad about this- it really is a great idea and would be a handy kitchen gadget if it stuck well. So, right now I have to say, these are a pass. But maybe if they improve the suction cups and make them stickier?  I hope they'll try!