Sunday, November 22, 2009

Review: Gelatine Lux

I am really enjoying review blogging- it's been a fun thing for me to do while on maternity leave, something that keeps me busy and I get to try out great products. Beyond just the packages that show up in my mailbox (and getting to see the cute mailman who delivers them), I really love it when I get emails asking me to attend an event of some sort.  I already wrote about the great RedPlum party that I got to attend on Thursday night, then today my family got to go to a preview event at the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum.

We loaded up the kids this morning into the double stroller and walked the short walk over to Seattle Center, where the museum is located.  Hurray for walking over there and going to something other than the Children's Museum! When we checked in, they gave us wristbands and told us that there was breakfast in the other room. We headed in there and saw coffee and juices and a HUGE pile of donuts. Now that's my kind of event :)  The donuts were from Frost Donuts, not a donut store I'm familiar with, but one that might be responsible for adding another 5 pounds to my midsection. Seriously, Seattle people, these donuts are divine. And not just your usual donut flavors. I will be making a trek to their store soon.

After eating one of the best donuts that I've eaten in ages, we started off on the trip to the Gelatine Lux display. It was actually located close to the room where we started, but we had a stroller, which meant we had to search for the elevator, and that's always an experience. But we got to walk through a bunch of the Science Fiction Museum on our way to and from the exhibit, and it was fun to watch the kids while they looked at all the exhibits and lights and spaceships and everything else that there was to see.

  Vivian wondering where HER donut is

Daniel enjoys his donut

  A glassblower making some cool creations

The Gelatine Lux exhibit is an amazing art installation by Maria Grazia Rosin.  It's a large room full of the weirdest glass creations that you've ever seen, in a dark room with some ultracool music.  While you're walking around, you feel like you're floating underwater and looking at all the weird creatures that float by.  It's very cool. And I dare you to make it out of the room without saying "Can you believe that is made out of glass?" The artist is extremely talented.


This art installation is amazing and wonderful, but pretty small, so I wouldn't think that you would want to make a special trip to the EMP/SFM just to see it. But if you're looking for something to do, and your family has been thinking about taking a trip to the EMP/SFM, this would be a great time to do it. Admission to the museums is $15 for adults and $12 for kids 5-17. Those under 5 are free. There are also a bunch of Christmas events going on at the Seattle Center in the next month, so come on down!