Saturday, November 28, 2009

Review: My First Passport

When I attended the Red Plum Frugalicious Holiday party earlier this month, I was lucky enough to receive some great items in my goody bag. One of those items was an absolutely adorable passport cover, with the words "My First Passport" on the cover. I was so excited to see this in my bag- one of the things that my family loves most is traveling. It's actually one of the reasons why we decided to have our two kids so close together in age, we want to be able to get to the stage where our kids are old enough to travel more and appreciate what they're seeing!

I really love this passport cover, it's nice and sturdy, made of nylon, so it'll hold up well to traveling stresses, and the bright blue color will make it really easy to find my son's passport in the depths of my diaper bag. Can you imagine how cute your child would look, carrying his little passport in its cover? For about 12 seconds, because, let's be honest, we all know how little kids are with keeping track of things :)

The price on this passport cover is a little steeper than I would be willing to pay, to be honest, given the fact that we have a whole drawer full of standard black passport covers. It sells for $20 over at Jack Webster. But if you're looking for a fun gift for the kid in your life who has a trip coming up, or if you're in search of an unusual baby shower gift for a family who loves to travel, I think this would be a great gift to keep in mind.