Monday, November 9, 2009

Review: Wall quotes from Vinyl Attraction

Another room in my house got a simple and easy makeover, thanks to a wall quote from Vinyl Attraction!  They were kind enough to send me two quotes- "Live Simply, Laugh Often, Love Deeply" and "Inspire, Dream, Imagine". 

We decided to put the "Live Simply" quote up in our bedroom, and the "Inspire..." words up in the kids' room. The weekend got busy and we didn't end up getting to both, but we did have the chance to put the quote up in our room.  It was a simple process- we just picked the place we wanted to put it, made sure it was level and then marked it with a bit of tape and rubbed the decal onto the wall! As with the decal that we put up in our living room, we had to do a little bit of extra rubbing and peel very carefully, since our walls are textured. But the whole process only ended up taking about 10 minutes from start to finish.

And doesn't it look pretty?



Vinyl Attraction has a huge variety of quotes in a number of categories-to name just a few, they have quotes for baby's room, the bathroom, the entry way, the kitchen... quotes for grandparents and old-time country wisdom and friends. Funny quotes and romantic quotes. Quotes from the Bible, and inspirational quotes and even quotes in Spanish. You can choose the color and size of your quote- whatever fits your space the best. And if you can't find the perfect quote (which I have a hard time believing, given the range of options...) you can design your own custom quote!

They also have a range of sticky art in a huge range of categories. Doesn't this ladybug just make you smile?

If you're looking to decorate a whole room, check out the theme room sets or go look at their idea galleries for inspiration.  Quotes and art from Vinyl Attraction range in price- you should be able to find something you like in the price range you're looking for.  Right now you can get the quote that I reviewed for only $9.95 and the "Inspire Dream Imagine" words  for free. If you'd like a different quote, there are two other options in this same deal. Click here for details.

So, if you want an easy way to decorate your home for an affordable price, definitely go visit Vinyl Attraction

Disclaimer: I was sent two vinyl wall quotes to review, but was not compensated in any other way. All opinions here are mine and mine alone.