Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Review: World Baby Foods

One of the things that I like best about my blog is the opportunity to feature great products from moms and great products from local (Seattle-area) companies. So when I was out at the grocery store and saw World Baby Foods products, I knew I wanted to feature this baby food on my blog. Not only did my kids (and I!) get to try out the baby food, but I got to have a great phone conversation with Dr. Susanna, one of the creators of World Baby Foods.

After traveling around the world and seeing how babies in other countries eat, Dr. Susanna realized that American children are missing out on a whole spectrum of flavors and tastes. Our babies go from "eating" a wide variety of foods through the flavors they experience secondhand in their breastmilk, to a diet of bland, carbohydrate-heavy baby foods. According to Dr. Susanna, the diet of the average American baby is more based on tradition and marketing than actual science. And our babies are missing out on a lot of great tastes!

I really like this idea for a couple of reasons. One- my family is a mixed culture family, and I want my kids to grow up thinking that there is a world of food beyond peanut butter sandwiches and chicken nuggets. Second, we live in Seattle, a city that is rich in ethnic foods and great little restaurants, and my husband and I love to try these out, and want our children to enjoy exploring them with us.

Dr. Susanna sent me a sample pack of the World Baby Foods line. There are 6 types of baby food currently available: Baby Borscht, Baby Dal, Lullaby Thai, Que Pasa Calabasa, Sweetie Tahiti, and Tokyo Tum Tum. They all come in great glass jars with nice labels- so they win points on the attractiveness scale!

My daughter just started solid foods at the end of October, so she's still a bit limited on options of what she can eat, but several of the foods were just right for her, containing ingredients that she was used to eating. I personally sampled all of the World Baby Foods, and was very impressed. I'm glad the Sweetie Tahiti baby food does not come in an adult version- it was one of the yummiest things I've tasted in a long time. Usually baby food is just bland and kind of disgusting, but the baby foods from World Baby Foods are all nicely seasoned and spiced- not too heavy, but enough to make the food really good. My daughter devoured all the baby foods I gave her- she couldn't get enough of them!

I have to say that the Baby Borscht in particular seemed really authentic to me. I lived in Ukraine for a year and learned to make borscht at the hands of some great Russian women, and when I opened the jar of baby food, it smelled just like my kitchen did during those fun cooking sessions. (The taste is different from the traditional borscht that I eat, but it's still really yummy!) This particular jar of food was beyond what my daughter can eat at this early stage in her baby food eating, so I fed it to my ridiculously picky eater son, and he (after a tiny bit of convincing, but that's totally normal for him with ANY food) ended up eating the whole jar. I really liked that he was getting something different from his normal (very limited) food choices to eat.

The baby foods from World Baby Foods are higher calorie count than your average baby food, but they are also a nicely balanced mix of fruits, veggies and protein. And we have to remember that calories are good for babies. And the foods are made from Washington and Oregon local farmers. Hurray for using local resources!

You can purchase World Baby Foods at a variety of stores in California, Washington and Oregon, as well as on Amazon Fresh and Amazon. Seriously, check it out. Your baby will thank you.