Sunday, November 15, 2009

Revisiting a few favorite items that I have reviewed

I am still using and liking all of the items that I have reviewed- I've really been fortunate to get such great things to test out! But out of all of the great things, there are two that I can't help but rave about again.

The first is my Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bag. You can read my original review (and enter the giveaway!) here.  I've now been using the bag for almost a month, and everything is still in the exact same place where I put it the day I got it. If you are a mom with a diaper bag, you know that's huge. In the past my diaper bag would stay organized for about 33 seconds. It's been so wonderful to have everything so neat and tidy. One day I had to change my baby's diaper in the world's tiniest bathroom- so small that I actually had to put the diaper bag in the sink and put her on top of it. And since my diaper bag was so organized, I could quickly grab exactly what I needed with no juggling of the baby and bag, and no frustration. It was wonderful!

These diaper bags are so wonderful and actually cost less than a lot of the diaper bags that I've looked at. If you have a baby on the way or know of someone that does, go check the Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bags out. 

The other thing that has been revolutionary for my family is the Relish! meal planning service. Review and giveaway here. When I wrote the original review, I had been using the service to cooking great meals for family and my parents who were visiting from out of town. The meal planning service has been even more helpful since they left- now that I'm on my own with the kids again, my time is limited and it's so helpful to be able to go to the kitchen, pick up the recipe and start cooking, knowing that I have all the ingredients that I need to cook the meal.

Having the whole week planned out and all the shopping done has definitely saved me money since I'm not making trips to the grocery store all the time and because we're not ordering take-out for dinner.  And since I'm sure that I'm going to use everything I buy at the store, I feel better about spending a little extra and purchasing organic or local foods- so that's an extra bonus for us. The meals really have been easy to make- I am not much of a cook, but everything has turned out to be delicious.  Tonight we're having chicken with avocado salsa. I would have never imagined making homemade salsa in a million years, but it was so easy and really good too.  If mealtime is stressful for you- definitely think about trying out Relish!