Thursday, November 5, 2009

Websites that you should know about!

Two of these three websites are responsible for 90% of my random spending over the last few months. The only reason the third one is not in that group is because it's only been up for a couple of weeks :)

Mamabargains is a great site that offers one deal at at time on some highly desirable baby/kid product. I've seen all sorts of things on here, from clothes to purses, to pregnancy gear for mom, to diaper bags... you name it, it's on there, and it's always very nice, high-end  products. I've recently bought these ridiculously cute tights and socks for Vivian for half-off their usual prices. Aren't they adorable? 

Mamabargains offers multiple items throughout the day- with each one available until it sells out, so you have to keep checking throughout the day to make sure you're not missing anything! 

The other website that I really love and spend too much money at is Babysteals.  Babysteals is a lot like Mamabargains, with high-end baby and mom gear at discounted prices. They put up one new item each day at 9 AM MST, and it's available until it sells out. So log on early to see what they have to offer. Today's deal on Babysteals was these bags from Bumble. My first diaper bag was a Bumble and they are fabulous bags!

The new website that I like is Kidsteals. Kidsteals is a partner site to Babysteals, but offers clothes and toys and gear for the kids in your life. Today's deal was these really cute pjs. I would have totally gotten them for Ethan, but I'm trying to not buy anything this month (so hard to do!).

So, if you're looking for great products for your kids, or for gifts for your friends and family, check out these sites!