Thursday, December 10, 2009

Review: Holly and Hal from Build-a-Bear

A few weeks ago I was so excited to see a box waiting for me downstairs near our mailboxes- it was my MomSelect Holiday Pak! I knew a few of the things that I would be receiving, so had been anxiously waiting for the box to arrive.

One of the items that I knew was in the box was a set of stuffed animals, Holly and Hal Moose from Build-A-Bear Workshop!  I had seen the picture and thought they looked cute, but my kids have so many toys and the last thing they need is another set of stuffed animals, right?

That decision lasted about 30 seconds from the time I opened the box.

Vivian and Daddy check out Holly Moose
Ethan has a conversation with Hal Moose

These are such nice, soft stuffed animals. They're super cuddly, you just can't help but hug them.  And both Holly and Hal came dressed in nice winter outfits. It's a little embarrassing when you realize your child's stuffed animal is dressed better than you are :)

The other really fun thing is that Hal's antlers have Christmas lights in them, and when you press his hand, the lights light up for a short time. Ethan really likes that. Like all the Build-A-Bear animals, you can get different outfits for Holly and Hal, including adorable elf outfits.

And Holly and Hal are famous- they starred in a movie this year, and you can get that movie on DVD to go along with the stuffed animals! Right now the set of both animals in their winter outfits and the DVD for just $75.  You can also buy just the DVD or just one of the animals or whatever combination you need for your family. Take a look at the Holly and Hal page at Build-A-Bear! And while you're there, browse all the other great bears and furry friends too!

Disclaimer: MomSelect sent me Holly and Hal Moose and a book of their adventures for this review. I was not compensated in any way and all opinions here are mine and mine alone.