Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Review: White Pages Name Popularity website

Recently I received an email from White Pages, letting me know about a fun webpage that they have, their Names site. It's a cool site, you go there, type in a name, and it tells you how popular the name is in the United States, shows you on a map of the US where the people with that name live, and gives you the meaning of the (first) name that you typed in.

I had a lot of fun with this website, seeing how many other people there are out there with my exact first and last name and the names of my family members.  The White Pages application also links to some other sites that have more information on specific people with the name that you're looking for, so if you're trying to track someone down, this would be a good place to start! It's also kind of fun to look for yourself on the site and see just how accurate the information is for you- I was surprised at how much information I could find about myself on there!

This is also a great resource for parents who are trying to pick a name for their kids- it's nice to see how many other people are going to share your child's exact name, first and last.  With the caveat that children do not actually show up in this database, so you can only tell how many adults currently share the same name. But it's still a fun site to visit.