Monday, January 4, 2010

Do you know about Safe Eggs?

Okay, quick pop quiz- what's the best part of making chocolate chip cookies? Or pretty much any other baked good, for that matter.  Eating the dough while you mix it up, right?  Except for that annoying "don't eat raw eggs" thing.  I have to admit I still sneak a taste occasionally, but I don't feel safe giving my kids a bite of the dough. I feel like they're missing out on an important part of childhood!

Thankfully for us, there's a new product called Safe Eggs. I'd never heard of these before, so was intrigued when I got an email telling me about them. Here's some information from their website:
Safest Choice Eggs are a great alternative to regular eggs. They are pasteurized (kind of like milk) to ensure that they are safer than your average egg. These Safe Eggs have all of the same nutritional value, look the same, and definitely taste the same – the only difference is that they’re much safer to eat!
If you're interested in trying these eggs out, go visit their Facebook page and become a fan to get a $1 coupon!

I was not compensated for this post- just passing on some information


creative gal said...

I will check that out!

Bette said...

OOOOOOO! Brownie batter and cookie dough! And poached eggs are safe again! Thanks for the information...