Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is your child ready for potty training?

I have a son who is almost 2 1/2 years old, and I worry a lot about whether or not he is ready for me to start potty training him. Partially because my friends at church are potty training their (girl) toddlers who are his same age, and partially because my mother-in-law comments frequently about the fact that her sons were toilet trained by this age.

I'm going out of town next week with my baby girl to visit my parents back East, and I've given my mother-in-law (who will be watching my son during the day) permission to try potty-training.  I seriously don't think he's ready, but maybe she'll have some luck and I'll be surprised.

Wondering if your child is ready for potty training? Go here and take the quiz to see where you stand!

Again, not compensated in any way for this post. Just found some interesting information that I wanted to pass on!


EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

I've always found it strange how so many people worry about potty training so much (as in your MIL, not you) . I took a early childhood development class in high school and we talked about this a lot - and we were taught that the average girl potty trains at 3, and the average boy at 3.5. Where as SO many people start to panic if even a boy isn't potty trained by 2.5. My nephew turned 3 on january 4th and we just had his birthday party yesterday and my sisters MIL said that she would be spanking him for having accidents! I almost felt like saying something to her myself. I babysit him a lot and he isn't even to the stage where he will hide when he is going to the bathroom , and he never says that he went to the bathroom or needs changed, even if he poops. My sister has a potty chair in their bathroom that she has showed to him and talked to him about, but he never wants to sit on it or anything. So I honestly think he's just not ready yet. I'm not sure if that's rare for his age or not. but he just doesn't seem to have any interest yet - and I just can't see punishing a child for that, in any case really, but certainly not in his situation.