Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review: Graco Pack n' Play

A few months ago I was lucky enough to win a wonderful package of products at Life Starring the Kids and Me. I've written about some of the things that I won, but this product was the biggie- a Graco Silhouette Pack n Play. The great thing was that this showed up right at the same time that Vivian outgrew the small bassinet that she had been sleeping in, so it was perfect.

This is an amazing portable bed. It's not just a pack n play, but it has a full-sized bassinet and a folding changing table attached to it. This is one of my favorite features- we don't have much space, so the fact that the changing table is hanging over the sleeping area and then folds back during sleeping is great for us.  It's really practical and easy to use. There's also an area to store diapers, which I love, and some pockets for all those other little things that you need for the baby. There is a wipe storage area, but it's tiny and not really that practical, so we haven't been using that.

The bed also comes with some really fancy features, including a vibrating function under the mattress pad and you can also turn on nature sounds or music. It's all great- we need everything we can possibly have to get the baby to sleep at night!

We love this pack n play- it fits well into the small space we have available in our bedroom and it's growing with Vivian. Right now she's in the bassinet, but soon she'll sleep in the main part of the bed. Later it'll be a great play yard for her, and a useful thing for when we travel.  I highly recommend this bed!