Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review: Leapfrog Tag Junior

Another great gift that we got for Christmas was the Leapfrog Tag Junior Book Pal. We are huge book lovers in my family, and my kids both really love books. We spend a lot of time reading books and talking about the pictures, and I am not going to stop that. But, there are times when I have to change the baby's diaper or feed the baby, and I need Ethan to entertain himself. Which is where this great toy comes in.

The Tag Junior is a great little handheld device that your child uses with special books, and it reads the book to them. But it goes beyond just reading the text, and has great sound effects for pretty much any area of the page that your child presses the reader to.  Ethan is almost 2 1/2, and he's still pretty random with his playing, but he can work the Tag Junior reader just fine. His favorite thing is figuring what part of the page plays music to him, and he will hold the reader over that area and dance to the music.

I really like that you can attach the reader to your computer and download personalization for your kids. So when we turn the reader on, it says "Hi Ethan!". And you can also track your child's learning progress to see what parts of the book they are spending the most time on and what they're learning. I love that!

This product is designed for kids 24 months to 4 years of age.  You can buy the reader and lots of books for it at the Leapfrog page, at your local store or at Amazon.

I was not compensated for this post- just wanted to rave about a great toy that my kids got for Christmas!