Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seattle-area moms- here's a great way to help out other moms in need

I'm currently the mom to two kids in diapers, and I've never once had to worry about how my family was going to come up with money to buy those diapers. Nor have I had to figure out how to get money to pay for a car seat or a crib.  We whine about those costs, but we are able to cover them.

However, there are lots of parents who honestly can't come up with the money.  As we all know, diapers are expensive, up to $100 per month. And they are not an expense that is covered by WIC or other programs.  That's why families in need rely on organizations like Westside Baby, organizations that provide for those basic needs. Westside Baby is in its 10th year, and has to date distributed more than $5 million in basic needs items to families in the King County area.

So, how can we help?  The Westside Baby website has a list of ways that they suggest helping out.
  • Donate money to help provide essentials like diapers, clothing, cribs and car seats to local families in need.   Did you know we can process monthly gifts?  $100 over a year is less than $9 per month.

  • Consider joining our Giving Circle with a monthly commitment as low as $41.67!

  • Shop for our most needed items in the Buy it For the Babe Shop.  

  • Organize a diaper or donation drive. We make it easy for you to run a diaper drive at your school, business, club, or church.

  • Volunteer at WestSide Baby. We have volunteer opportunities for every skill level and almost any level of availability.

There's another way that we can help, and have fun at the same time! On February 6, 2010, Westside Baby and Huggies will be teaming up for the 9th Annual Benefit Tea. This annual event is where Westside Baby raises nearly half of its annual budget.  Tickets are only $20 per person. The tea will be held at Jerry Brockey Center, South Seattle Community College, from 2-4:30 PM. Go here if you're interested in buying tickets.

Please, if you live in the Seattle area, think about attending the tea or donating supplies. And if you live further away, think about donating through their Buy It For the Babe shop.

I was not compensated in any way for this post, just passing on information from a worthy organization.