Friday, January 1, 2010

Seattle Art Party- a great new idea for kids' parties!

I recently found out about a great new idea for kids' parties in Seattle- the Seattle Art Party!  This is a fun alternative to the typical birthday party with kids running around wild and eating sugar.  From the Seattle Art Party website:

I love this idea- wouldn't it be great to have your kids not only entertained, but entertained and doing something that's both educational and fun at the same time? There are a bunch of different options for projects, and they have options that are suitable for kids from ages 3-14.  Whether it's a mural project or fun with clay, or making colorful plexi-glass lamps, there's a project that will appeal to you and your guests. The Art Party is $45 per participant, plus supplies.

Tamara and Noah, the founders of Seattle Art Party both have experience teaching kids, so that's an added bonus to this party activity. Your kids will be taught, not just kept busy. As Tamara told me in her email, Noah taught in the NY public school system, and if you can teach there, you can teach anywhere!

Seattle Art Party also offers another service, the Art in House program.  This is another great program, where the teachers will come to your home (or other location) and will teach a 90-minute class that starts with an art history lesson with pictures.  What a fun way to keep your kid(s) occupied while you get things done around the house!

So, if you're looking for a fun party activity or just are looking for a way to introduce art into your child's life, check out the Seattle Art Party site!

I was not compensated for this post- it's just an idea that I learned about and like, so wanted to pass on the information to you!