Thursday, January 7, 2010

We love cereal!

You would think that finding a single food that everyone is willing to eat would not be a problem in a family of only four people. Sadly, this is not the case in my family. Vivian's still on pureed foods, so her opinions don't really count.  But the rest of us agree on almost no foods. Can you believe that Daniel doesn't like potatoes and Ethan totally hates mac and cheese? How can I live with these people?

We do agree on one thing, and that is our love of cereal.  A particular favorite for our family is Honey Nut Cheerios. Almost every day Daniel and I both eat Cheerios with milk (different types of milk, of course, our agreement on food only goes so far), while Ethan piles up a big pile of Cheerios in front of him and happily munches on them.

I like Cheerios because they taste great, but I also feel that I'm doing something healthy for my family. Here's some information from the General Mills website, about Cheerios.
Made with whole grain, Cheerios is the only ready-to-eat cereal clinically proven to lower cholesterol when eaten as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.
If you're not a fan of Cheerios, you should check out one of the many other cereals that General Mills has to offer and make it a part of your morning routine. According to the General Mills website, a study of 16,000 adults showed that those who skipped breakfast tended to weigh more than those who ate breakfast.   Another study, done in 1998, showed that kids who ate breakfast performed better in school, had higher test scores, and had reduced absenteeism and tardiness as compared to kids who skipped breakfast. All great reasons to remember to eat in the morning!

Another thing that I like is that General Mills recently made a commitment to reduce the amount of sugar in cereals that are marketed to children, bringing the sugar level down to a single digit number. They've also been working to increase nutrients in cereal, especially things like calcium and whole grains. For most kids, cereal is the number one source of whole grains in their diets. Thinking back over my son's food choices for the last few days, I have to say that's definitely the case for him. Go here to read lots more information about the health benefits of eating cereal.

Go here to print a $1 coupon good for one of four General Mills cereals. There are other coupons available at, if that's your cereal of choice. And I just saw there that General Mills is coming out with Chocolate Cheerios this month. Anyone seen them yet? I must find them!

Disclaimer: Through MyBlogSpark, General Mills provided me with 4 coupons good for free General Mills cereal. I was not compensated in any other way, and my love of Cheerios has been in place long before I received free coupons.  All opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.