Friday, January 29, 2010

Why you should keep your kids' carseats rear-facing until 2 years old

"Your small little love is 75% less likely to die or incur a serious injury if rear-facing when riding the car."
"Your beloved little babe is five times safer in a car crash while riding rear-facing when between 12-24 months than if you flipped them forward facing."
From this article

I know not everyone will agree with this- and that's fine. Carseats are kind of my one obsessive-mom thing, so I wanted to pass on this information. 

I've been hearing from various news sources the new information that we should keep our kids rear-facing as long as possible- it was an easy choice for my family since my son didn't pass 20 pounds until closer to 2 than 1. We didn't turn him around until a couple of months ago.  If you have a kid in the 1-2 year old range, think about turning them back. And if your baby is almost 1, think about waiting a while before turning the carseat. Read this great article by a Seattle pediatrician for all the information.


EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels this way! I cringe when I see people take their two year olds and put them in boosters too! Just because the booster says '30+ lbs' doesn't mean you should shove them in there as soon as possible. They look so unsafe with just a booster and seatbelt to me when they're under 5, especially. I know they're almost twice as much in some cases, but I hope to be able to find money to get my kids 5 point harness carseats that go above 40-50lbs like the normal ones do. They just seem so much safer to me, with them being so much closer to the seat PLUS the 5 point harness ones have the LATCH system so that if the seatbelt comes undone they're still attatched to the car.

My boyfriend thought I was crazy when I told his friends' friend that I thought it was kinda crazy that her 2 year old (who just turned 2 in october) was already in a regular booster. her reply was "he weighs 30lbs though" To which I said 'yeah but most toddler seats go up to 40 or 50lbs, so it just seems so much safer to keep them well strapped in until they reach that weight than to put them in just a seatbelt at the first chance' and shes like 'oh. well i still have his old one i guess i could use it but it's so much easier when he can just get in his seat himself'

lol. I felt like saying "YEAH! you could give up that two minutes a day to buckle your kid into a toddler seat - and it might save your baby's life!'