Saturday, February 6, 2010

Review: EarthGroovz baby dresses!

My kids are lucky enough to have a lot of people in their lives that buy them great presents.  But some of the absolute cutest gifts that they've received to date are from Daniel's best friend and his best friend's girlfriend. They always find unusual and wonderful things for our kids.

One of the first gifts that they purchased for Vivian was a pair of beautiful dresses from EarthGroovz.  Here's Vivian in one of the adorable little dresses. It's a summer dress, but I just added a t-shirt and some tights and we were good to go! Don't you just love the cheerful colors on this?

Now that Vivian's wearing and loving her little dresses, I wanted to learn more about EarthGroovz. When I went to the site, I found out that, in addition to making cute clothing for little girls, EarthGroovz is an earth-friendly company. Here's some information from their website:
EarthGroovz is a earth-friendly company that was created in February 2004.  It was inspired by the myriad of beautiful people, places, and music of the happy festival scene that is so alive with good vibes.  My shop specializes in eco-fashion in fun & retro prints. I try to use sustainable, natural materials whenever possible like organics & cottons in order to reduce my carbon footprint.

Okay, now back to the cute dresses.  Don't you just love this one-

And this one is just so pretty! I love the bright colors. Vivian has a matching hair barrette- so I think this dress is going to have to go on her birthday list!

Most of the little dresses also have matching bloomer covers. Love it! The dresses sell for $26.99-$32.99 and the bloomer covers for $12-14. The dresses are vegan and eco-friendly, made of 100% cotton, and the straps are organic cotton knit. The elastic used is natural and unbleached. And the liner is made of organic natural muslin which is pesticide-free. Those all sound like things that I definitely like to have in a dress that's on my baby's skin!

So, if you're looking for a truly gorgeous dress for your baby, or if you want to be known as the aunt/grandmother/friend that gives the greatest gifts, go visit EarthGroovz here or their Etsy store here, and see all that it has to offer! 


Mommyto3andahusky said...

I love that last dress! Too cute! I love things with birds on them!