Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Review: Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

Friends of mine had a baby just a few months after Ethan was born, and I remember looking at their registry and trying to figure out what to buy them as a gift. When I saw the Itzbeen Baby Care timer on the registry list, I was was instantly jealous. I knew that it was something that would have been so useful a few months before when we were getting through life with a newborn!

When I found out that I was pregnant with Vivian, the Itzbeen went on the top of my must-buy list. And I am so glad that it did- it was a lifesaver when she was born!  I thought keeping track of things with my first child was difficult- add another kid into the mix and trying to remember things like diaper changes and how long it's been since someone ate...virtually impossible.  This timer saved what was left of my sanity.

It's a simple design- just a timer with 4 different buttons, as well as a clock and a slide indicator at the bottom to show which side you nursed on last. Three of the timers are labeled- one for diapers, one for feeding and one for sleep. There's a 4th timer that you can use for whatever else you need- things like Mommy's pain medications or another child's feeding times. There's also a button to light up the display, so you can see the timers without waking up everyone in the room with an overhead light.

The timer has continued to be handy even after the early newborn days. I had oral surgery a few months ago and was on two different pain medications and an antibiotic, and I used the multiple timers on the Itzbeen to keep track of what I had taken and when.  Right now Vivian is teething pretty badly, and so I've been using the timer to record when I last gave her gum numbing medicine or baby ibuprofen.

The Itzbeen baby timer sells at their site for $24.99, and I've also seen it for sale at Amazon. This is a baby item that is worth every single penny, in my opinion.  And also a great baby shower gift- new parents don't know exactly how tired and incapable of remembering things they will be, so they might not see the need for this. Help them out, buy it for them!

Disclaimer: I received no product and no compensation for this review, just wanted to write about something that I purchased and used with my family.