Sunday, February 7, 2010

Review: This is Your Brain in Love

Thanks to my involvement with BookSneeze, I recently had the opportunity to review a really interesting book by Dr. Earl Henslin- This is Your Brain in Love.   It was definitely one of the more interesting marriage books that I've read lately, and I was really intrigued by the idea behind the book.

This book is written by a Christian author, and faith in marriage is discussed, but the main body of the book is focused on how the brain affects our relationships with our spouses.  Since we can't all have brain scans to see exactly how our brains are operating, the book uses tests to help pinpoint which type of brain imbalances might be in play in a marriage. I thought the tests were simple and definitely identified my issues right away! Most people fall into one of these five categories: the Scattered Lover, the Over-Focused Lover, the Blue Mood Lover, the Agitated Lover or the Anxious Lover. I wont tell you which category I fell into, but I will tell you that I've checked my email 4 times and Facebook twice during the course of writing this post :)

I really like that the book goes far beyond just identifying my potential brain imbalance to offer concrete suggestions for how I can deal with things that are going on in my brain. And I really like that the book offers some ideas for how the spouse of a person with a particular brain imbalance can help understand and deal with that person. This was probably my favorite section of the book- since we're all wired so differently, it's sometimes really challenging to know how to help a person who is dealing with a situation that's totally foreign to us. These suggestions give great insight into the other person's brain and are really positive ways to help understand each other.

After the chapters on the different types of brain imbalances and information on how those can affect a couple's love life, there's a nice chapter with secrets to lasting love. This includes great tips for showing kindness, patience, forgiveness and honesty.  Nothing revolutionary, but things that I think we all lose track of in marriage and need to be reminded of from time to time. The book also includes a section on something called the Joy Diet, with a list of foods that are good for your heart, brain and weight.

I really enjoyed reading this book and taking a look at some of the issues in my marriage from a more clinical perspective. I think the book is full of interesting insights and great practical tips for improving areas of struggle and conflict in a marriage, and I'd recommend it to any married couple that wants to understand each other more and draw closer together.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but did receive a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson for the purpose of this review. All opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.