Sunday, March 21, 2010

Book review: Intimacy Ignited

A number of years ago, shortly before my marriage to Daniel, I was blessed to be able to attend a great Christian conference for women, called Intimate Issues. If this conference comes to your area, I highly recommend attending!

So I was very happy to get the chance to review a book written by the women behind Intimate Issues and their husbands. This book is called Intimacy Ignited: Conversations Couple to Couple. And the heading on the cover says "Fire up your sex life with the Song of Solomon".  With all that, I had high expectations for this book, and I was not disappointed.

This book does several things (and does them well!). First of all, it's a verse-by-verse walk through the Song of Solomon.  The authors go deeply into what the meaning of the words are- explaining the poetry of the Song to us.  They also spend time explaining how some words may have double meanings and the cultural references that don't make sense to us.  I'm sure we've all read the Song of Solomon before, but there's a lot in that book of the Bible that I never understood.

Secondly, Intimacy Ignited uses the Song of Solomon to show us what God's view of sex really is (book spoiler- he's all for a great sex life in marriage!).  I really appreciated this, because I think sex has been a topic of much misunderstanding in churches for a number of years. Books like Intimacy Ignited help us realize why God gave us the incredible blessing of sex, and appreciate it as such.  As this book reminds us over and over, sex in marriage doesn't have to be something boring or routine!

Thirdly, this book offers advice on how to shift from being selfish lovers to being servant lovers. It also challenges us to really take on the 16 traits of the servant lover, and offers suggestions on how to do so.  Some of the challenges and suggestions directly deal with a couple's sex life, and others are more basic marriage builders. 

I really liked how this book is laid out. The chapters are easy to follow, but full of a lot of information and  advice. Many chapters have subsections specifically directed to the husband or wife as well as to the couple together, ways to apply the Song of Solomon in your marriage. There's also an 8-week couples Bible study at the end of the book, with study questions and application exercises.

This book is one that I would highly recommend for any married couple, newlywed or married for many decades.

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