Thursday, March 11, 2010

A great new resource for staying healthy- WellnessDaily!

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Thanks to the arrival of my two small children in my life in the last 2 1/2 years, my life and my body have gone through quite a few changes! My pregnancies were difficult and I was on bed rest for the majority of my second pregnancy, so the pounds piled up pretty quickly. And I'm no longer a career woman with time to go to the gym or leisurely cook healthy meals- now my exercise consists of pushing a double stroller around, and I'm lucky to have the time to eat anything remotely healthy. This all means that losing weight is a lot harder this time around than it's been before, and I need all the help I can get!

Which is why I'm thrilled to learn about a site called It's sponsored by Jennie-O Turkey, and it's a one-stop site for all things wellness. It's not just for weight loss, but for anyone wanting to get or stay healthy. The site has articles on a number of topics including weight loss, eating right, finding balance and staying fit. There are also personal blog posts there on wellness topics. And the site also contains healthy recipes and a number of video clips. The video clips aren't all exercise (although they have a number of those), but also clips talking about makeup, eating, drinking, and personal health issues.

The best part of the site (in my opinion) is the ability to build a custom feed. Just type in words for things that matter most to you, and the site will pull up articles that are most relevant to your concerns. This is easy to edit if you want to add or remove keywords. This is a great tool for staying healthy. So, if you need some encouragement in your attempts to get and stay healthy, definitely take a look at WellnessDaily!
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