Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Have you clicked today at The Literacy Site?

I love books. I always have and I imagine I always will. My countertop and bedside table are covered by piles of books that I am in the middle of reading. My kids own a staggering number of books already, especially considering that they can't even read yet!

There are families who can't afford to buy books for their kids- which is why I love The Literacy Site. It's easy to visit and help out, just click one button on the page and sponsors of the site will give money to buy books for kids who need them. While you're there, click on the other tabs and help give money to pay for mammograms, to buy food for hungry families, to help fund child health care, to save the rainforest and to support animal rescue. All free for you, and you can be done in a matter of seconds. Please, drop by the site and click today!

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. This is just something I really believe in and like to share with others!