Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My morning outing at Seattle's Northgate Mall- and why you should consider visiting as well!

It is a dark and rainy day here in Seattle, so normally the kids and I would be hibernating indoors. But this morning I actually had an appointment at Seattle's Northgate Mall, to meet up with the area director of strategic marketing.  Daniel was working from home this morning, so I left Vivian napping and Ethan and I loaded up in in the car and headed the short drive north.

Since we were early, I took advantage of our extra time and bought Vivian some super cute boots. Have I mentioned how much I love dressing a baby girl!  Seriously! 

For those of you who aren't locals, Northgate Mall is one of the oldest malls in our area, but it's recently undergone a lot of renovations and expansion, both at the mall itself and in the neighborhood. Once surrounded by just other stores and a park and ride, there are now apartments and a library and a movie theater and pretty much everything you would want in a neighborhood.

I've been shopping at Northgate since I moved to Seattle in 2001. We still love to drop by and eat at Red Robin or California Pizza Kitchen, and I try to convince Daniel to let me go into Ulta to just buy "one little thing" as often as possible. And there's a new Panera at the mall too... oh, how I love Panera! The mall has several other great family-friendly places to eat and lots of great stores for all ages. But it's not been my go-to mall lately because it lacks a playarea and a nursing mom room. Those two things have pretty much been the determining factors for where I shop lately.

So I was thrilled to get to chat with the marketing director for the mall today and hear what changes they would like to make at the mall. Sarah told me that they're hoping to get a playarea in the mall later this year, and they also plan to implement a program at Northgate that's already in place in many other Simon properties.  It's called the Kidgit's Club, and for one, very small annual fee you get all sorts of great things like a t-shirt for your kid, invitations to great events at the mall, gifts at the events, a birthday gift, tons of coupons for discounts at the mall, the chance to spin the prize wheel at EVERY visit to the mall... I want to sign up immediately! Right now the program is already in place at the Tacoma Mall in Tacoma, WA and the Columbia Center mall over in Kennewick, WA (as well as lots of other Simon malls all over the US). So if you live near those malls, visit this site to sign your kids up!

I'm going to be staying in touch with the nice people from the mall and will bring you more information about events and plans as I find them out! Stay tuned!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post and no product to review, although Sarah did buy me coffee this morning during our meeting :) 


Chelle said...

I love Simon malls--we had one back in Missouri where I'm from {and my family lives still...so jealous!}. They are making some amazing changes to the one from back home--and your mall really sounds wonderful!

ps-Panera? ROCKS. And I seriously wish we had a Simon mall down here--that program sounds amazing!