Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Planning for my birthday!

Do you all watch How I Met Your Mother? It's one of the highlights of my week, every week, and last night was no exception. And the episode being about birthdays was really good timing, since my birthday is just a few days away and Daniel and I are in negotiations about the events and food that will be a part of the day.

I've actually been a little discouraged about  my birthday- the further I get into my 30s, the less excited I am about another year going by.  But last night's episode of HIMYM made me excited about having a birthday. I get to be spoiled! Daniel spoils me most of the time anyway, but this weekend I don't have to feel guilty about it :)

And I think I've about got him convinced that I'm not just being frugal by wanting a fast-food hamburger for lunch and takeout cheap sushi for dinner- honestly, I'd so much rather have those things than a fancy meal out! Can you tell I've been dieting for 2 months?

I'm going to try to embrace these last few days of being 32 and spend them making plans for all the fun things I want to do on Sunday! Hurray for birthdays!