Friday, March 19, 2010

Review: Pippalily toy strap


I was recently lucky enough to get to review another product that made me say "how on earth did I live without this when Ethan was a baby!"  You know what I mean, those products that you're so glad to discover with your second child, but that you know would have made your life so much easier if you'd just found out about it a little earlier. 

The can't-live-without-it product in question? A toy strap from Pippalily! Pippalily is wonderful Canadian company, started by a mom in April 2008. Don't you just love the inventiveness and creativity of other moms? It's great to learn about these companies and be able to support another mother's dreams and ambitions. 

The toy strap that I received is such a simple, but wonderful idea. It's a pretty fabric strap with two ends covered in strong velcro. This means that it's adjustable on both ends, so you can use it on whatever size toy or cup you need to attach, and you can put the other end on a car seat or stroller or high chair- whatever your child is sitting in.  

I've been using my toy strap with Vivian for a couple of weeks now and am loving it.  It's been great for when we go out on walks- she has toys attached to the stroller and she can play or chew on them, and I don't have to worry about her dropping them and the toys getting run over. I've also been putting it on her car seat- lately she hasn't wanted to be in the car very much, so it's nice to have toys handy to distract her.  


 You can see that we've used this on several different strollers- it's easy to move from one to the other and it's worked perfectly on both. No dropped toys!

The strap is also designed to be strong enough to hold things like sippy cups, water bottles and snack traps. I didn't have as much luck when I tested out the strap on our sippy cups, but that's because we don't have any in our house with closed handles to loop the strap through. You can see pictures on the Pippalily website of how the toy strap works to hold those things. The velcro really is strong, so I think it would definitely hold on to most sippy cups. The toy straps are available in a number of different pretty fabrics, including some organic options, and sell for $10 Canadian.

In addition to the toy strap, Pippalily has some beautiful baby slings. I love this fabric pictured below (and there are many other gorgeous options as well to help you carry around your baby in style. I wasn't a sling wearer with Ethan (so many things I didn't learn until baby #2), but I have been wearing Vivian in one since she was a newborn and am a total believer. They're just such a practical and easy way to transport a baby.

Pippalily also carries cute diaper clutches, minky blankets, gift sets and bamboo swaddlers.  Everything you need for your baby or for a great baby shower gift!

Disclosure: I received a toy strap from Pippalily to test out for myself for this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.