Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review: Wee Gallery Art Cards (with link to giveaway)

I don't have time to enter a lot of giveaways these days, since I'm pretty busy with the kids and writing posts for this blog. But occasionally I do enter something that I really want to win, and sometimes I get lucky and win the great prize!  Last month I won a wonderful prize over at Sugar Pop Ribbons, a set of Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby!

We had to choose our favorite set of art cards for my prize- Daniel and I sat down and looked through all the cute options and had a tough time deciding. Wee Gallery has art cards in the following categories: original, garden, pets, jungle, sea, farm, dino, woodlands and black & white. We loved all of them- the pictures are just darling.  But eventually we decided to stick with the things that Vivian probably needs to learn about first, and chose the pets collection.

So cute!  The cards measure 5x7 and come in a nice box. Both the box and the cards themselves are very sturdy, made of board book material. Given the destructive potential of my children, this is a definite plus in our household.  It's also a nice thing when you have a little one who is in the "put everything in the mouth" stage.  The cards aren't intended for teething, but they're also not damaged by a little chewing. They can also be cleaned by wiping down with a clean cloth or baby wipe, which is another essential for good baby toys.

Vivian's been having so much fun looking through these since they arrived. She'll sit on the floor and pick up one, then another, playing happily until Ethan decides that it's his turn and steals them all.  Yep, once again, the only drawback of this toy is that my kids fight over it.  

These would definitely also make great decorations for a baby's room and a wonderful baby shower gift.  I'm putting a set on my shopping list for the babies of some good friends that are due this summer! 

Wee Gallery also has some other adorable products. I really like the wall graphics- they're different from ones I've seen elsewhere and would be wonderful for decorating a nursery. You can also get greeting cards with cute animal pictures or a board book for twins, or a set of art canvases for your child's room.

So, if you're looking for a fun, cute, educational gift for your child or a friend's child, visit Wee Gallery!

Enter to win a set of these cards here

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. Just writing about something that I won as a prize and that I really love!