Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sort-of a review: Children's Hospital, Seattle

This afternoon found me loading up the kids in the car and driving over to Seattle Children's Hospital. Again. I don't think I've actually mentioned this much here, but my son, Ethan, doesn't eat. I know, parents of toddlers say that a lot, and I know that it's common for toddlers to have days where they don't eat. Ethan has those. He just never has the days that he does actually eat. 

Earlier this week we had another round of x-rays and tests to see if there's anything physically wrong with him. The tests came back negative, Praise God.  Unfortunately, we also found out that he had lost more weight since our appointment 5 weeks ago.

So today we met with the Occupational Therapist again.  Ethan's problem seems to be that he is ultra-sensitive to things in his mouth and gags incredibly easily. This frequent gagging and vomiting has led to a fear of food (as far as we can tell).  We've been supplementing with nutritional drinks for a while now, but are now being bumped up to the next level, the ultra-high-calorie drinks. And the OT gave me a whole list of things to do to slowly try to reprogram Ethan.

Overall though, he's fairly healthy and for that I am so thankful. I'm also thankful for the incredible doctors and nurses and therapists at Children's Hospital who so lovingly and kindly and compassionately care for my child and for the children visiting there who are fighting diseases that are so much more serious.  Every time I set foot in that hospital I leave in awe of those who work there, and of the other parents who are bringing their child in for care. 

Keep your local children's hospitals in mind when you're donating to charity this year. So many of them provide free care to needy families, and I know fundraising is always a concern for them.

Disclosure: Absolutely no compensation or product was received for this post. It's just something close to my heart today.


Rachel said...

We *heart* Seattle Children's Hospital.

They are amazing and patient and unbelievably talented.

When we see all these patients who are from different countries there, it is amazing to think that we have this resource in our own backyard.

Hoping they can help with Ethan's eating!