Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stay safe on St. Patrick's Day- designate a driver!

My days of going out and partying on St. Patrick's Day are but a distant memory- but I know that it's a day of celebrating and partying for a lot of people. If you or someone you love is planning on celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a green beer or two, please remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving and that by driving buzzed you're putting your life and others in danger. In 2008 there were 1,179 people in other vehicles that were killed by alcohol-impaired drivers.
Before you head out to a party, remember to designate a sober driver. Or be ready to come home without your car in a taxi or bus- you can go back and get the car the next day! Have the phone number of a taxi service stored in your phone before you leave for your party or bar.
To learn more about the impact buzzed driving can have on a life, please watch this important video about the financial and personal repercussions of getting a DUI:
Remember: Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving. Plan ahead and ask your loved ones to do the same.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, but as thanks for my time in writing it, Global Influence entered me into a drawing for a gift card.