Saturday, April 17, 2010

Canada, I'm so sorry!

Someone made a comment on one of my giveaways today- she saw the post on a linky and came to enter, and was disappointed to see that it was for US mailing addresses only. :(

I realize that a lot of my giveaways lately have been US only- hopefully I'll get some more soon that are open to Canadian mailing addresses! Know that I always do ask the sponsors if they'll ship to Canada, but that's a little more complicated for the smaller companies, since it involves customs forms and more expensive shipping and all. My husband (and kids too!) are Canadian (I'm watching the Stanley Cup playoffs on CBC while I type this...), so I'm always watching out for you guys- and I love working with Canadian companies, so if you have a suggestion of someone I should contact for a review/giveaway, please, let me know!

Thanks to all of my readers, I appreciate you all, whatever country is on the cover of your passport.


Simply Stacie said...

I'm Canadian so I always prefer when sponsors on my blog open it up to Canada. How many of your readers are Canadian? Sometimes it helps to tell them what % of readers are Canadian.

What province is your husband from?

Emily B said...

Hooray! I always love seeing more contests open to Canada.

dor said...

I know it's the sponsor and it's there choice..
Love your blogs.